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Our work

The Fisherman's Wife | 2016

Plague Dogs | 2017

Shipwrecked | 2016

About Gekesound

Geke Sound was established in 2015 by Garrett Kemp, in Savannah Georgia. Garrett has always been interested in the ultra-subtle aspects of sound design; the elements that affect your intuition more than your sensibilities. It is said that the best sound design is the sound that is not noticed. We want to take that a step further, and make highly conceptualized sound that drives your narrative, and delivers the message without diverting attention from the story.

Geke Sound currently consists of four designers, each with their own specialties.

Garrett Kemp is the founder/head honcho of this weird machine. He thrives in the creation of SFX and background effects that manipulate and distort feelings. Garrett is also an experienced musician, songwriter, and composer. Film is his playground, but he loves making sounds for any medium under the sun, whether it’s a videogame, app, song, or podcast, he’s your go-to guy.

Violette Furton is a close friend, bandmate, and collaborator with Garrett (2nd bitch in charge at Geke Sound). She excels in mixing all kinds of projects, whether it’s a short film, documentary, or a pop song that needs to punch through the airwaves and get stuck in your head. Also a recording engineer at a commercial studio in manhattan, Violette's experience and versatility in audio production knows no bounds.

Matt Pietrucha is a long-time friend and collaborator with Geke Sound. He is a master composer and arranger, and has been Geke’s go-to composer for all of Geke’s running history. He has worked on Lamia Lazrak’s daring 2016 documentary, Camoflauge, as well as Elizabeth Pritchett’s 2017 documentary, Walls Of Hope. Matt studied Integrative Media and Game Development and is an adjunct professor at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), teaching Topics in MIDI.

Dave Sanchez is another long-time friend and collaborator of Geke Sound. Dave is a wizard of a sound programmer/designer. He makes spectacular, off-the-wall patches in MaxMSP/Max4Live. He studied Composition and Computer Music at SUNY Buffalo under Cort Lippe and Matt Sargent. Dave’s patches have been used by composers such as Marcos Balter, Mark Applebaum, and Christopher Cerrone. When we need peculiar sounds that have never existed before, Dave is our secret weapon.

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